Large Cases Bring Unique Challenges

In 2013, one of our AmLaw 200 clients entrusted QDiscovery with one of the largest data breach cases in history. Because of the number of affected companies, data is hosted in 17 different Viewpoint cases, the total volume exceeding 40 terabytes of ESI and 28 million images.

million images
Collecting ESI Around the World

QDiscovery managed a project for Barnes and Thornburg involving three dozen custodians located in four cities in Asia as well as throughout the US. Our forensic collection specialists successfully navigated multiple time zones, language barriers and logistics obstacles to securely transfer data and ensure defensibility. This document collection was completed on time and on budget.

Data Recovery

One of the largest mortgage companies in the country suffered a catastrophic failure of a critical storage device containing all of their clients’ mortgage applications and documents. Our team forensically imaged the individual drives that made up the storage device and reconstructed the original data. The vast majority of the lost files were recovered, totaling roughly 2 TB of data.

GB recovered
Predictive Coding and Analytics

Predictive coding and analytics saves clients time and money while enabling them to meet tight production deadlines even with large data volumes. Utilizing Assisted Review technology, we achieved all three objectives in a project with more than 1.5 million records. Using validated predictions of responsiveness, the review team quickly produced 250,000 records with no review beyond screening the production set for privilege.


“I have worked with QDiscovery on a range of projects, including several large projects involving dozens of custodians and terabytes of data. I have been extremely satisfied with QDiscovery as an eDiscovery consultant. Their technical expertise and experience makes them an important partner on any project. They have been indispensable in defining project scope, collecting data, developing review protocol, assisting in complex disputes with opposing counsel and the court, and in overall project management. I highly recommend QDiscovery.”

Rusty Denton

Partner at Bingham, Greenebaum, Doll

“QDiscovery’s project managers are top notch! I have worked with a few of them and I rely on them to assist in developing strategies around advanced analytics and assisted review. They are more than project managers…they are also highly valued consultants.”

Julie K. Brown

Litigation Technology Manager, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

“QDiscovery’s understanding of investigation and litigation realities, as well as their flexible workflow really made our projects possible. Their ability to provide 24/7 support in both the US and in Japan was critical to the success of our complex document collection and review processes.”

Kendall Millard

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

“QDiscovery’s team truly became part of our eDiscovery litigation team from planning through production; not just execution.”

Rodney Holaday

Partner, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Data Breach Investigation

An accounting firm with Hollywood celebrity and other high-profile clients was notified of a potential data breach. Our forensics team was hired to collect the logs from network appliances and servers to determine the extent of breach and identify the intruders. Our analysis found that personal information including bank account information, passwords and other data had been accessed. Working with the Secret Service, the FBI and the state’s attorney’s office, the hacker was identified and charged.

Rebutting Spoliation Allegations

Motion for sanctions was filed against our client and a premier Chicago law firm alleging that an external hard drive used by the defendant had been wiped. The night before the hearing our forensics experts were provided the original drive and the forensic image of the supposedly wiped device. Our team was able to defeat the encryption and determine that the device was not wiped but rather encrypted. This was demonstrated in court the following day and the motion was immediately dismissed.

Tracking Stolen Code

Following the sudden departure of the entire development group at a high frequency trading firm, our forensics team was brought in to collect and analyze all of their workstations. Analysis of the computers identified that USB devices had been connected to the Linux computers shortly before the employees quit and it appeared that the employees accessed the company’s code base. Review of the company’s security footage corroborated our findings and confirmed that the departing employees had taken the organization’s proprietary information.

Trade Secret Investigations and TRO’s

Our forensics team has actively participated in the analysis and subsequent granting of TRO’s in hundreds of different cases. Investigations typically involve examining a former employee’s work computer, identifying the transfer of company trade secrets and providing our findings in an affidavit or testimony. Analysis of the former employee’s home devices or new workplace computer can show if the data was used for unfair competitive advantages.

Social Media Evidence

One of the world’s largest law firms contacted us about making an emergency pre-filing collection of evidence from Twitter and other social media accounts. After documenting the relevant posts with forensically defensible screen captures, we investigated cached pages and were able to reconstruct deleted Tweets that had been re-posted on other sites.

DOJ Subpoenas

Responding to DOJ subpoenas is uniquely challenging for multinationals headquartered outside the U.S. QDiscovery helped one of our AmLaw 100 clients meet the challenge for three Japanese companies by securely hosting data in the country of origin for review. The US legal team had remote database access and actively managed the local review of the Japanese language documents.

Trial Presentation

Presentation of evidence at trial is the most meaningful use of courtroom technology. QDiscovery helped trial teams from three law firms vindicate their clients’ innocence in a two-week joint trial in federal court involving thousands of exhibits. Our state-of-the-art technology for presentation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence freed the lawyers to concentrate on explaining complex environmental science to the jury.