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eDiscovery Can Tame Emojis, But Can’t Outpace Them

In this LegalTech News article, Rhys Dipshan explores the challenges that emojis pose in eDiscovery. The article includes insight from Yaniv Schiff, our Director of Digital Forensics.


With the growth of text messages and social media content, modern eDiscovery practitioners face a difficult time staying on top of all the mobile data they need to preserve, collect and review. While many are rising to the challenge, there are areas of mobile data that remain out of reach for even the best eDiscovery platform or practitioner.

Emojis, for example, largely elude the grasp of many modern search tools. And while it is possible to reconfigure e-discovery search engines to account for such pictorial information, it is near impossible to account for all emoji types and iterations.

Still, Yaniv Schiff, director of digital forensics at QDiscovery, noted that while emojis can be identified and processed in documents by some technologies, when it comes to eDiscovery review, “the level of support for emojis is dependent on the eDiscovery platform” and can vary widely.

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