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EDiscovery’s New Challenge: Not Ignoring Internet of Things Data

In this Legal Tech News article, Victoria Hudgins explores the challenges that Internet of Things (IoT) devices offer in eDiscovery. She speaks with eDiscovery experts, including our own Dana Conneally, Managing Partner here at QDiscovery and at Evidox, a QDiscovery Company, about why these devices can’t be ignored any longer during discovery.

You can read the full LegalTechNews article here. Below is an excerpt.


While internet of things (IoT) devices can hold volumes of discoverable data that may make or break a case, many attorneys often ignore such technology because of the difficulty in accessing and understanding the data. But as IoT devices become more popular, experts say it’s not a subject attorneys can bury their heads in the sand over.

Dana Conneally, managing partner at QDiscovery and Evidox Corp., noted IoT devices may have multiple data repositories, which creates more data for attorneys to review.

“You want to know what’s on the hard drive of the device, but they are typically connected to the internet and cloud. … Now you have three different rabbit holes you are trying to chase down at the same time,” Conneally said.

Such devices represent a new source of evidence for a lawyer’s clients, but how to find value in such data can be difficult.


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