Enterprise Security Magazine: QDiscovery: Exposing the Truth in the Data

Enterprise Security Magazine named QDiscovery as one of the Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers 2019. We were recognized for our digital forensic expertise as well as the steps we are taking to help our clients be more proactive rather than reactive with our data. In addition to this recognition, Enterprise Security Magazine ran a profile of QDiscovery, featuring Director of Digital Forensics Yaniv Schiff and Managing Partner Dana Conneally.

Excerpt from the profile

Forensics has traditionally been reactive – brought in after an incident or when an incident is suspected. However, with the growing number of cybersecurity incidents and increased focus on data privacy and security, the digital forensics market, and the role of digital forensic examiners, is expanding. Digital forensics now intersects with information governance, which is at its core a proactive service.

Digital forensic professionals like the team at QDiscovery are ideal resources as you move to be more proactive rather than reactive with your data. Forensics is all about understanding the data – what, when, who, why, how. Information governance is built on this same principle.

“Our team recognizes the importance of being proactive with understanding your data,” says Yaniv Schiff, Director of Digital Forensics, QDiscovery. “After a security incident is the worst possible time to begin to discover what data your company has. A quick response to a security incident is of utmost importance. And the first step is knowing what lies in your data. Being prepared means you are one step ahead and can deal with the incident more quickly and thoroughly.”

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