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In the #Spotlight: David Barrett CEO of QDiscovery Speaks with High Performance Counsel

David Kinnear of High Performance Counsel sat down with our CEO David Barrett to discuss the eDiscovery industry, its future and what sets QDiscovery apart from other eDiscovery service providers. Their conversation is featured in a #Spotlight on High Performance Counsel.

You can read the full story on High Performance Counsel here. Below is an excerpt.



What sets the leadership team apart – and, in turn, the organization – is the shared experience of hard work and consistently applying lessons learned in the further development of their offering for clients. What distinguishes them is the emphasis on culture – an insistence on quality of inter-personal communications, which extends beyond to the way in which they seek to serve clients. What becomes very evident in conversation is the emphasis on authenticity, which makes their experience even more valuable for clients.

As Dave notes, QDiscovery is “laser-focused on customer service.” It’s a point of humor that he loves that phrase and its application. Humor aside, it’s something that more organizations might heed. A painstaking, diligent and progressive mindset to helping clients is clearly paying dividends for this team. As he describes it: “At the end of the day, we are a services company, not a technology company. Our focus on client service is a direct result of that recognition. Even though the industry emphasis is currently on the newest and greatest technology, our focus is on how we use that tech to better serve our clients.”

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