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Innovative Thinking Part 2: Take Control of Your Data with These 14 Solutions

The winners of the 2017 Relativity Innovation Awards will be announced next week at Relativity Fest. This week, the Relativity Blog features all 26 submissions, including QMobile. Below is an excerpt from the Relativity Blog. You can read the full story here and can vote for the Community Choice innovation here.


With 26 submissions for the 2017 Innovation Awards, there were too many to mention in one post. All of the submissions are being highlighted this week in a three-part series. The second post in the series shares tools to handle new or challenging data types as well as data transformation, management, and normalization.

Yesterday we shared six tools—created by the Relativity community—to help improve collaboration and make project management more efficient. Today, we’re highlighting 14 Innovation Award submissions that allow you to overcome various new or unique data challenges.

Check out the innovations, including seven that take on new or challenging data types and seven to help you transfer, manage, and normalize data:

Handling New or Challenging Data Types

QDiscovery – QMobile

QDiscovery noticed a lot of manual work being done to review mobile data. They created QMobile to review and produce mobile data in Relativity the same way as other ESI, allowing them to search and analyze mobile data (including emojis) and quickly identify patterns in mobile data sets—which can consist of tens of thousands of texts, call records, and voicemails. QMobile leverages Relativity dashboards and custom views to allow analysis of previously hard-to-handle mobile collections.

Read the full article here.

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