Relativity Partner QDiscovery Builds Legal Privilege App

Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer chatted with Kirk Chocholek, Senior Project Manager at QDiscovery to discuss QPrivAlert, which offers a significantly faster way to find potentially privileged communications – as soon as documents are published to a Relativity workspace. The conversation was feature on AL Caffeine, Artificial Lawyer‘s weekly Friday series.

You can read the full AL Caffeine here. Below is the excerpt featuring QDiscovery and Kirk.


Relativity Partner QDiscovery Builds Legal Privilege App

Artificial Lawyer caught up with Kirk Chocholek, Senior Project Manager, at eDiscovery firm, QDiscovery, to hear about its recent work with the Relativity platform.

QDiscovery is one of many legal tech companies working within the Relativity ecosystem and the company has created a new app that helps lawyers to quickly sift out which communications are privileged – a key part in most discovery tasks. It also submitted it to the annual Innovation Awards held by the Relativity platform this month.

Chocholek explained how the new QPrivAlert works.

‘We leverage custom fields in emails, but that were not leveraged before so much. We focus on the domain object, which will show if communications are with law firms,’ he says – which makes sense.

But, one addition struck Artificial Lawyer as very smart indeed: ‘We found that the more parties in a communication the lower the chance that the information is privileged. So the application shows the total number involved in a communication.’

It’s stunningly simple, but a good observation of human behaviour: we tend to try and keep secrets between just a few people. It’s a nice example of tech and anthropology combined.

It won’t be the answer to all problems related to privilege, but it’s good to see that just some lateral thinking and some tech can solve a complex challenge that otherwise might demand loads of manual review.

And as with other applications this all works seamlessly on the Relativity platform, as part of their ‘app store’ hub model.

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