QDiscovery offers and fully supports Relativity, today’s market leading end-to-end web-based eDiscovery platform. Relativity provides processing, computer-assisted review, image and native file review, powerful searching, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, Unicode and foreign language support, integrated productions and text analytics- all delivered in a highly scalable solution.

Our team of project managers, consultants, and technologists are specifically trained in Relativity 9.6 with the goal of assisting our clients to fully optimize Relativity’s powerful features.

Processing – Integrated and Powerful

QDiscovery is one of the few Relativity partners to offer the Relativity 9.6 Processing module. Your data will be processed faster and cleaner than ever before. By leveraging this strategic engine you will start reviews sooner and finish projects faster. No data hand-offs or data formatters- simply fast and efficient processing, all in a single platform.


Relativity Review and Production

Our service delivery team will create and automate custom review workflows to meet the unique needs of each case. Basic users can be up and running in the software in as little as 10 minutes of training while in-depth tutorials are offered for advanced users. We will leverage Relativity’s powerful tool set to meet case-specific production requirements.

Scalable and Flexible

Easily handle complex review projects of all shapes and sizes. Tailor your approach to each case with flexible options for searching, coding and producing data.

Data Security

Assign varying security levels for users and admins, or grant restricted access to specified views, tabs and fields.

Advanced Searching Made Easy

An intuitive interface simplifies the advanced searches demanded by complex investigations and document reviews. Drag, drop and nest search conditions in the interactive search panel, reorganizing as needed. Apply conditions to advanced analysis widgets to instantly see the impact on the data set.

Intelligence and Insight

Visualize patterns in the data, investigate trends and make smarter decisions by utilizing a full range of business intelligence features. Customizable data analysis widgets make it easy to perform fast yet sophisticated case analysis. See at a glance the intersection of custodians with relevant parameters such as search terms. Personalize the review screen using saved layouts for a superior review experience.

Complete Production Capabilities

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of our document productions. From creating custom placeholders to automating complex productions, you can rely on our careful attention to detail.

Mobile Data Review

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pdfs. With QMobile from QDiscovery, you can review, analyze and produce mobile device data right in Relativity, the same way you manage email reviews.

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Relativity Analytics

Our project managers are trained to assist you in leveraging the full power of Relativity’s advanced analytics technology. These tools give you the power to organize large datasets and quickly identify key issues and documents, increasing the overall speed, effectiveness and efficiency of your document review.

Analytics Tools:

  • Email threading
  • Near-duplicate detection
  • Language identification supporting 173 languages
  • Concept searching
  • Clustering similar documents
  • Repeated content filters
  • Training set optimization

Relativity Assisted Review

A small investment of time pays major dividends when you take advantage of Relativity Assisted Review. The advanced technology underlying Assisted Review categorizes the full dataset by responsiveness based on human review of a small subset of documents. The accuracy of the results is validated using statistical sampling prior to releasing documents for review or production.

Assisted Review allows you to quickly pinpoint the most relevant documents in the case, while organizing the overall review for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Maintain the control, flexibility and transparency you need for a defensible review process.