eDiscovery technology is more intuitive, accessible and powerful than ever. We offer the most complete, integrated and scalable solutions for all phases of eDiscovery. The result is lower cost, lower risk and a simpler, more defensible process. We combine best in class end-to-end solutions with veteran project managers and technology professionals so you stay in control of your data and your budget.

End-to-End Solutions

We give you access to the most powerful and fully integrated processing, review and analytics platforms available today. Many eDiscovery providers offer an array of fragmented technologies, an outdated and inefficient model. Both of our end-to-end platforms, Relativity and Viewpoint, allow you to process and review more quickly, leverage advanced analytics, streamline workflows and automate complex productions. This is the reliability, power and world-class support you need to make your case.

Project Management Redefined

Selecting the best technology is just one part of the equation. Maximum review efficiency can only be attained by effective project management that understands the nature of the dataset and anticipates and resolves issues throughout the life of the project. Our project management team is second to none, with years of experience in both vendor and client environments and a mastery of our technology services. Our Fortune 500 corporation and AmLaw 100 law firm clients rely on us for an unparalleled level of service. We manage complex processes effectively and within budget.

Mobile Discovery

Mobile devices contain a wealth of information that may be relevant to your litigation or investigation. In the past, reviewing this information required a lot of manual work in spreadsheets or pdfs. Now, with QMobile, you can review, analyze and produce mobile data the same way you review emails – within Relativity or other review platforms.  Learn More

Data Security by Design

Our state-of-the-art data centers, powered by a world-class EMC infrastructure, offer the highest levels of security, redundancy and connectivity. Our multi-layered security goes beyond intrusion protection to include network monitoring, server security and automated vulnerability assessment. Our data centers and security protocols have been evaluated and approved by Fortune 500 corporations and AmLaw 100 firms.

Beyond Keywords to Advanced Analytics

Traditional eDiscovery based on linear review and keyword searching is inefficient, time consuming and expensive. Advances in analytics and Assisted Review technology have leveled the playing field, permitting corporations and law firms of all sizes to identify relevant data faster than ever. With an accurate and comprehensive assessment of data early in the project, counsel can more quickly formulate a winning strategy, determine project priorities and assess risk and cost.

Paper Discovery

Even though electronic data grows exponentially each year, paper never goes away. That’s why QDiscovery has an experienced team on the ground- backed by advanced equipment and technology- to help you scan, manage and store important paper documents.

Forensics and Investigations

QDiscovery’s digital forensics, investigations and cyber security professionals have extensive experience assisting clients in a wide range of matters including internal corporate investigations, civil litigation, data breaches and more.  Our forensics team will discover, investigate, assess and protect data, providing rapid response for clients that need to start an investigation yesterday. With the acquisition of Forensicon, QDiscovery has added a roster of highly experienced, certified forensics professionals and state of the art labs.

Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

You need expert reports that present facts, analysis and conclusions clearly and accurately. Our forensics experts present technical information in a way that people without a technical background- such as judges and jurors- can understand. Our experts have also testified in state and federal courts across the country.

Data Recovery

We recover and extract hidden and deleted data from a wide variety of systems and devices, including computers, servers, cell phones and USB flash drives. Data that, in less experienced hands, could be gone forever.

This is the era of Big Data, BYOD and the cloud. Data collection and preservation presents new challenges every day- challenges that most companies are simply not equipped to meet on their own. We assist our clients to develop a comprehensive plan for data preservation and collection that is based on identification and assessment of all sources of potentially relevant ESI. Our forensic collections team has experience working with the full range of corporate and individual data sources, from servers to cloud storage sites to mobile devices. We preserve and collect data using minimally disruptive, legally defensible and cost-effective methods.
Managed Services

Handling growing data volumes and keeping pace with new advances in eDiscovery technology requires ongoing investment, yet budgets are shrinking and costs must be contained. Managed Services is the in-house solution your firm needs- all for a low, fixed monthly fee. We provide a customized and flexible discovery management ecosystem with fully integrated technologies and the highest levels of data security. QDiscovery’s fully enabled Managed Services model is powered by our exemplary customer service, effectively minimizing the operational burden, risk and overall cost of eDiscovery. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach in our Managed Services offerings. Each program is customized to meet the client’s particular needs.

QDiscovery’s eDiscovery consultants are a valuable weapon in our clients’ litigation arsenal. We assist corporate in-house legal departments and outside counsel navigate the complex challenges of all stages of the eDiscovery lifecycle: crafting and implementing litigation holds; creating custom data maps and collection plans; managing forensically sound data collection; leveraging advanced analytical tools for efficient document reviews; and consulting on discovery motions. We will help you design and implement a defensible and robust eDiscovery process that goes beyond choosing the right technical tools.
Trial Presentation

QDiscovery provides both experience and talent our clients can depend on in the courtroom. We utilize advanced technology and software to meet the needs of the trial team at all stages, from pre-trial preparation through trial.

  • Trial presentation consulting and courtroom support
  • TrialDirector training
  • Electronic exhibit stickering
  • Video conversion
  • Video-to-transcript synchronization
  • Courtroom design and setup
  • Technology support at trial
  • Equipment rental
Managed Review

As part of our recent merger with XDD (Xact Data Discovery), QDiscovery’s Managed Review services offering is stronger than ever.

At XDD, Managed Document Review Services comprise more than just teams of talented attorneys in rooms reviewing hundreds of documents. Our highly-skilled teams apply the latest technologies, optimized workflow processes and collaborative communication protocols to ensure your projects are delivered accurately, on time and within budget.

Orchestrated by seasoned attorneys across multiple disciplines, our Managed Review Document Services provide clients with flexible, on-demand, scalable expertise customized for each individual project.

  • Bar-licensed, highly-qualified attorneys in multiple disciplines
  • Review centers in Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City and Miami
  • 100% defensible review procedures
  • Skilled practitioners in XDD Esquify Workforce Management Platform
  • Fully-customizable issue and tagging palettes
  • Technology solutions for review efficiencies
  • Case and review consultation
  • Multi-stage QC process of review decisions
  • Dedicated project managers assigned to each case
  • Customized workflow design and implementation
  • Scalable staff to flex with project needs as they evolve
  • Reviewers trained and skilled with Relativity and XDD BlackBar
  • Hands-on management teams to optimize processes and report results
  • Fully integrated with XDD forensics, processing, hosting and production


Text messages and other data from mobile devices have become the latest source for smoking guns and potential landmines. Until now, reviewing and producing mobile data has been cumbersome and challenging, requiring spreadsheets or pdfs with limited capabilities. Combining a new way to process mobile data with custom dashboards and views in Relativity, the QDiscovery team created the solution to your mobile discovery challenges. QMobile seamlessly incorporates mobile data into your normal review process, allowing you to review mobile data as easily as the custodian created it.