Uncover the TRUTH in Your Data

While most other eDiscovery providers view forensics as an afterthought, QDiscovery makes it a priority. Our experienced and court-approved forensic examiners collect data, perform forensic investigations, provide consultative advice, serve as expert witnesses and provide reports that present facts, analysis, conclusions and expert opinions clearly and accurately; helping you discover the full story of your data.

QDiscovery Approach to Forensic Analysis

At QDiscovery, we assist your case team in identifying and analyzing all pertinent data sources related to your case or investigation. Our team of highly experienced forensic examiners and eDiscovery consultants understand investigation and litigation realities and bring vital expertise to assist you in developing effective strategies to uncover the truth hidden in your data. This consultative partnership lasts throughout the entire life of your case.

Our forensic capabilities span the entire left side of the EDRM from information governance and identification through analysis and reporting. We observe rigorous intake methods to preserve chain of custody and apply strict protocols in our investigations ensuring that the evidence and findings are admissible in court. We answer the important who, what, where, when and how questions that live in your data.

Our Forensics Team

QDiscovery has a full team of qualified digital forensic practitioners made up of seasoned forensic investigators, IT professionals and in-house attorneys. Our forensic practice group will work with your legal team during every stage of the litigation lifecycle to ensure that relevant data sources are identified, collected and analyzed.

If our forensic analysis indicates that litigation should proceed, you need confidence that the team who did the analysis can provide defensible reports and testimony. Rather than offer up your client’s IT personnel as witnesses, you can rely on the years of testifying experience the QDiscovery team brings to the table. Our forensic experts present technical information in a way that people without a technical background – such as judges and jurors – can understand. Our forensic examiners have experience testifying in local, state and federal courts as well as arbitration panels and other adjudicating venues.

Getting the right team in place at the onset of litigation, or anticipated litigation, can mean the difference between proving your case, getting a suit dismissed and even sanctions.

Departed Employee Investigations

85% of trade secret theft is committed by people internal to their organizations. Proactively manage risk and minimize exposure to damages by instituting policies that include an investigation of departing employees’ computers and mobile devices. Our services provide peace of mind that you have defensibly and in a forensically-sound manner preserved and analyzed the data needed to determine if litigation should be filed.

Security Incident Response (Data Breach)

We help determine the scope of the breach and provide a comprehensive assessment of what information has been accessed and how it has been moved or used. We also recommend remedial measures that assure greater future security.

Mobile Device and Social Media Investigations

Combining the years of experience our forensic team has with the impeccable skills and breadth of knowledge of our project management and processing teams, QDiscovery has developed custom workflows to collect and process non-standard ESI. This includes mobile devices, social media and other internet data to ensure our clients can search, review and produce these critical data sources. With QMobile, review mobile device data the same way you review emails, within Relativity or other review platforms.

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Expert Witness Reports and Testimony

You need expert reports that present facts, analysis, conclusions and opinions clearly and accurately. Our forensic experts present technical information, analysis and conclusions in a way that people without a technical background – such as judges and jurors – can understand. Our experts have testified in state and federal courts across the country.

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations may be triggered by any number of causes – employment disputes, fraud, unauthorized access to protected data or an inquiry from a government agency. Our forensic experts help you set a strategy for your internal investigation and can conduct investigations discreetly if required. We uncover the relevant facts, so you can determine the appropriate next steps.

Trade Secret Investigations

Your business success depends on keeping your trade secrets secret. Our forensic examiners uncover the path of the stolen information to USB devices, personal email accounts, cloud storage sites or even hard copy printouts. Examination of metadata can reveal who accessed documents and how they were used. If litigation is warranted, our consultants help you build a case.

Data Recovery & Password Cracking

We recover and extract hidden and deleted data from a wide variety of systems and devices, including computers, servers, cell phones and USB flash drives. Data that, in less experienced hands, could be gone forever. Additionally we offer password cracking for protected files missing a password.