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Stellar Women in eDiscovery: Tricia Johnson (podcast)

Stellar Women in eDiscovery: Tricia JohnsonCongrats to our own Tricia Johnson, Director of Marketing, for being recognized as a Stellar Woman in eDiscovery by Relativity. As part of the recognition, Tricia was interviewed on the Stellar Women in eDiscovery podcast.


Excerpt from the Stellar Women in eDiscovery podcast

No matter the industry or zip code, Tricia Johnson, director of marketing at QDiscovery, has found value in being part of a community. She has found a community in many facets of her life—through work, Women in eDiscovery, and her local dance studio.

For Stellar Women in eDiscovery, I chatted with Tricia, fellow Chicagoan and marketer, about finding a community within eDiscovery, moving from one industry to the next, and why we should all go the extra mile to celebrate our team members, friends, and industry colleagues.

Listen to the podcast (or read the transcript) here.

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