With New App, QDiscovery Looks to Speed Up Privilege Reviews

Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech News sat down with David Barrett, CEO of QDiscovery, to discuss the launch of QPrivAlert, which offers a significantly faster way to find potentially privileged communications – as soon as documents are published to a Relativity workspace.


Against the backdrop of recent government court battles over privileged data, one legal technology company is looking to streamline how attorneys can identify privileged documents.

In late August 2018, eDiscovery service provider QDiscovery released QPrivAlert, an application that links into Relativity’s eDiscovery and analytics technology to allow users to quickly identify potentially privileged documents in their data sets.

David Barrett, CEO of QDiscovery, noted that eDiscovery practitioners can already use “technology assisted review (TAR) and use the advanced analytics within Relativity,” to identify potentially privileged content.

But the impetus to launch QPrivAlert, he explained, was to give eDiscovery practitioners “an opportunity to potentially identify privileged documents much quicker.”

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